Elisa Blue
Elisa Blue
Denver's Most Tantalizing Massage

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Your Experience:

Hello, I’m Elisa! I’m here to help you relax. I have everything I need to create a perfectly serene environment in which to spoil you. From rubbing you down with warm oil to helping you wipe the oil off with a warm towelette afterwards, I’ll take care of you from beginning to end. My comfortable massage table and charming personality will have you feeling completely blissful, mentally and physically.

Read reviews on my massage sessions here: https://privatedelights.ch/profile/ElisaBlue



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WHen contacting me:

  • Contact me via the form at the bottom of this website, by text, or by E-mail

  • Please introduce yourself with your name in your initial message

  • Please use kind language when speaking with me and I will extend the same courtesy

  • Please understand that I will ask for screening information before setting a time or giving my exact location.

  • Please let me know if you have any allergies (detergents, animals, etc.)

  • Let me know during the scheduling process, if possible, if you’d like to use my shower available to you before and/or after the session so that I can have it properly prepared for you.

  • Let me know before our session if you’ve purchased something from my Amazon wish list so that I know to extend you a discount for our session

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When meeting me

  • I prefer gentlemen who keep up with their hygiene. I have a shower available to you for before and/or after our session.

  • If you come for an afternoon or evening session, I’ll likely offer you a drink. Don’t be shy, and accept if you’d like one!

  • As always, please be kind when interacting with me and I promise to keep a smile on your face throughout our entire session.

  • I am 4/20 and alcohol friendly, but please leave all other substances at home.


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Here is another link to my reviews for you to read through so that you know I am professional, reputable, and safe: https://privatedelights.ch/profile/ElisaBlue

And now it’s your turn! Thank you for understanding my need to stay safe and therefore acquire a little bit of information about each of my clients before providing my exact location or scheduling a time. I’m positive discretion is vital to you as well, so all information provided stays between you and me. For screening you may send me either:

-The information of at least two provider references I can speak with before our session. This would include their names, board handles, and contact information. If you are on Private Delights, you can send me a screening request to look over. If it is recent and active, that could possibly work instead.

-A photo of a business card, a link to a work website, or a link to a LinkedIn profile.

-A link to a public and active Facebook (I could possibly accept a Twitter or Instagram if they are work/business-related or if they are active with at least some information about you provided).

* I will never reach out to your contacts, friends, or coworkers. I do understand that not everyone has references, a job with an online or paper trail, or social media of any kind. Talk with me about the other possible screening options available.


*Due to numerous last-minute cancellations, I will be requiring a small 15% deposit for appointments made three or more days in advance, to ensure I am dealing with serious inquiries only. This can be done via CashApp or Venmo. I apologize deeply if this is an inconvenience, and I avoided it as long as possible. The deposit, of course, goes towards the total donation.


Enjoy a half hour (30 minute) session


Enjoy an hour (60 minute) session


Enjoy an hour and a half (90 minute) session (my favorite)


Enjoy a two hour (120 minute) session

+ $15 / per half hour

Whether you live here, or you’re just vising, if you enjoy THC and CBD, you may enjoy this add-on option. Let’s make this massage extra relaxing. This option includes smoking before/throughout the session, an orally indigestible hemp oil, and a massage with warm CBD massage oil. All products, marijuana, and paraphernalia are provided by me. I am happy to provide more information about, and website links to the products I use.






Above are links to my Amazon wish list and my Liquorama wish list. Pick out ANY treat, no matter how big or small, and you’ll receive lifetime access to my Snapchat, and get an hour session for the price of a half hour.

don’t live near Denver?

Don’t worry! We can still share some virtual intimacy over Skype. Customize a fun and sexy Skype date with me. How do you want me? Slowly slipping out of lingerie? Or maybe wet and slippery in the bathtub? I even have an insertable vibrating toy that you can control from any phone or computer from anywhere in the world! $50 for 30 minutes via CashApp or Venmo for the first time, then $40 for every virtual date afterwards.




I look forward to talking WITH YOU!

please fill out THE FORM BELOW:

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You may contact me via text or e mail listing all the information asked above if you prefer. Please note that I require some light screening for safety. For screening, you may send either a photo of a business card, or a link to social media, or a couple of references I can speak with before our session.