Enjoy a half hour (30 minute) session. This is perfect for that short lunch break or quick addition to your daily errands.


Enjoy an hour (60 minute) session. This is wonderful for a complete full body massage.


Enjoy an hour and a half (90 minute) session. This leaves enough time for a little bit of chat to get comfortable, and a longer massage than an hour would allow. *Most frequently scheduled


Enjoy a two hour (120 minute) session. This leaves time for plenty of chat over a drink or two, as well as an extra long massage.


Enjoy a three hour (180 minute) session. This amount of time allows us to share a lot of each other’s company after you select a drink from my expansive, top-shelf spirit cabinet. Join me on my patio around a small fire while we cheers to new company. Then follow me to the other side of my apartment for a warm-oiled massage long enough to put you in a meditative state.


+ $15 / per half hour

If you enjoy THC and CBD, you may enjoy this add-on option. Let’s make this massage extra relaxing. This option includes smoking before/throughout the session, an orally indigestible hemp oil, and a massage with warm CBD massage oil. All products, marijuana, and paraphernalia are provided by me. I am happy to provide more information about, and website links to the products I use. This can be added to any session.


As you’ve noticed, many of the options include time for conversation. How would you like to converse over a meal that I’ve prepared for us? Join me for a delectable breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I genuinely enjoy cooking and playing with flavors, so this is always extra fun for me. I can accommodate ANY dietary restrictions, allergies, and/or preferences. Please don’t feel like your diet is “too much” for me to work with. Carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten fee, soy free, 100% plant based - all are welcome to take advantage of this option. Dine with me inside by candlelight, or outside around a small fire if weather permits. I will have already started cooking by the time you’ve arrived, so you’ll be sure to walk into an alluring concoction of smells! This can be added to sessions lasting 90 minutes or more.

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