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WHen contacting me:

  • Contact me via the form at the bottom of this website, by text, or by E-mail

  • Please introduce yourself with your name in your initial message

  • Please understand that I will ask for screening information before setting a time or giving my exact location.

  • Please let me know if you have any allergies (detergents, animals, etc.)

  • Let me know during the scheduling process, if possible, if you’d like to use my shower available to you before and/or after the session so that I can have it properly prepared for you.

  • Let me know before our session, if applicable, that you’ve purchased something from my Amazon wish list so that I know to extend you a discount for our session

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When meeting me

  • I prefer gentlemen who keep up with their hygiene, just as I keep up with mine. Please have recently brushed your teeth, have recently showered, or simply ask to use my shower available to you before and/or after our session.

  • If you come for an afternoon or evening session, I’ll likely offer you a drink. Don’t be shy, and accept if you’d like one!

  • As always, please be kind when interacting with me and I promise to keep a smile on your face throughout our entire session.

  • I am 4/20 and alcohol friendly, but please leave all other substances at home.

  • I hear a lot of “I’m very nervous/timid”, which is completely understandable. My calming nature should ease your tension within minutes, but if there’s anything I can do during our time together to make you especially comfortable, please let me know!