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Here is another link to my reviews for you to read through so that you know I am professional, reputable, and safe: https://privatedelights.ch/profile/ElisaBlue

And now it’s your turn! Thank you for understanding my need to stay safe and therefore acquire a little bit of information about each of my clients before providing my exact location or scheduling a time. I’m positive discretion is vital to you as well, so all information provided stays between you and me. For screening you may choose one or more of these options (Ex: If you choose Employment verification, you only have to send one of the options listed under “Employment”, not all of them).

1. References, Okays, and Reviews:

- The information of at least two provider references I can speak with before our session. This would include their names, board handles, and contact information.

- A screening request on Private Delights if providers have responded to at least 5 of your reviews

- Your P411 ID if you have at least 5 Okays

2. Employment:

- A photo of a business card. You must also be able to send me a text or email from the number listed on your business card to prove it is yours.

- A link to LinkedIn profile

3. Social Media

- A link to an active Facebook that has your real name with some connections to you to the real world (lists your place of employment, involved organizations, family members, or something else of the sort).

* I will never reach out to your contacts, friends, or coworkers. I can, on occasion, make exceptions for those who do not have a current business card, LinkedIn, or social media. This means retired gentlemen who aren’t online much can still be verified!