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Here is another link to my reviews for you to read through so that you know I am professional, reputable, and safe: https://privatedelights.ch/profile/ElisaBlue

And now it’s your turn! Thank you for understanding my need to stay safe and therefore acquire a little bit of information about each of my clients before providing my exact location or scheduling a time. I’m positive discretion is vital to you as well, so all information provided stays between you and me. For screening you may choose one of these options:

1. The information of at least two provider references I can speak with before our session. This would include their names, board handles, and contact information. If you are on Private Delights, you can send me a screening request to look over. If it is recent and active, that could possibly work instead.

2. A photo of a business card, a link to a work website, or a link (please don’t ask me to ‘look you up’ as often there is more than one person with your name) to a LinkedIn profile.

3. A link to a public and active Facebook (I could possibly accept a Twitter or Instagram if they are work/business-related or if they are active with at least some information about you provided).

* I will never reach out to your contacts, friends, or coworkers. I can, on occasion, make exceptions for those who do not have a current business card, LinkedIn, or social media. This means retired gentlemen who aren’t online much can still be verified!

*I am not a member of P411, as they haven’t been accepting new members for quite some time. I can’t currently accept P411 “okays” for screening.